Flik Flak retro
Flik Flak retro


In 1987 to be precise – Flik Flak created the first created the first ever Swiss made watches for kids. Exactly 35 years later, new Collection uses a blast from the past to show that good things definitely can last. New sustainable materials join forces with a proven educational concept, complete with Flik and Flak hands. To ensure that today’s kids learn future-proof time telling skills too. Retro meets tomorrow!

The 2022 Flik Flak Retro Collection comprises four watches in the original collection. Vibrant shades of yellow, pink, red and blue turn the clocks back to iconic 1987 models. Moving with the times, the new cases have replaced aluminium with bio-sourced plastic, including a retro metallic-look finish. This innovative material is also used for all buckles, pins and loops.

Securing the new-generation watches to the wrists of contemporary young adventurers are attachments made from recycled PET. Just like the first straps, these allow the wearer to push the pin through the textile at the place that suits them best cleverly keeping pace with ongoing growth. Ecologically responsible packaging has a special, sleeve to salute the 80s kids – who as today’s grown-ups will certainly get a kick out of giving these watches as gifts.

Times may change, but the Flik Flak commitment to offering much more than a watch has been a constant since a day one. The brand has already helped to teach millions of kids to tell the time with its unique system . The Retro Collection is a timely reminder that to learn skills. It celebrates the value of establishing a meaningful relationship with time at an early age to gain life-shaping independence. True to the longstanding values of Flik Flak, the 2022 watches combine their educational core purpose with durable components and eye-catching styling to guarantee the fun factor every time.

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