FLIK FLAK MIRACULOUS – Superheroes are here!

Flik Flak Miraculous Lady Bug

Great news for Miraculous Lady Bug little fans! Now FLIK FLAK new watches are available in our stores and online. Lady Bug and Cat Noir collected their superpowers! Now they can be close to their little fans, right on their wrists with FLIK FLAK ZAG HEROEZ MIRACULOUS watches!

Keeping Paris safe from evil Hawk Moth is definitely a time-crucial task. Now fans of popular TV series can own their personal magic jewel in the form of the FLIK FLAK watch. The Miraculous Ladybug and The Miraculous Cat Noir watches are equipped for spontaneous adventures 24/7.They may not have direct connection to kwami, but they certainly are products of the power of creation. What is more, they are durable enough to stand up to any power of destruction they may run into when the play gets rough.

About FLIK FLAK Miraculous watches

The FLIK FLAK Miraculous Ladybug watch boldly salutes the ladybug themed superhero’s dream to become a worldwide known fashion designer. The watch has black and red design. Just as is the costume of the superhero. Sassy color-coded dial is set for convenient time telling on the run. Tikki – the creative kwami is perched strategically on the strap above 12 o’clock. always ready to leap to the rescue at a second’s notice.

When little superheroes come to rescue the world, they need all the help available. Cat Noir stretches out across the strap. His Kwami – Plagg leaves pawprint marks on the dial and strap. There is no better place for a cheese – loving kwami, than a swiss made watch.


FLIK FLAK is worldwide known favorite watch brand for children. The brand is around ever since 1987. Flik Flak was the first brand that offered children to learn to tell time in an easy and fun manner. FLIK FLAK watches are Swiss made. Only the highest quality materials are used in the production of the watches. The textile straps are made of biodegradable materials. All watches are equipped with Swiss made quart movement, are shock resistant and can be even machine washed (up to 40 C). FLIK FLAK is a member o Swatch Group- world’s biggest manufacturer and distributor of Swiss watches which is presented in 160 countries.

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