Watch as a wearable art

The latest Swatch collaboration with Disney & Keith Haring Studio celebrates the iconic 1980’s New York social activist and pop-artist, renowned for his revolutionary and provocative graffiti-esque pictograms, lines and symbols. The result is a Swatch collection featuring Disney’s Mickey Mouse reimagined by late Haring’s signature aesthetic, vibrant energy and colors.

Big on making art accessible to all, Swatch mastered collaborations long ago as the first watchmaker in the industry to partner with artists, including Kiki Picasso, Alfred Hofkunst and David LaChapelle x Amanda Lepore. Keith Haring believed in creating truly public art. His design language was used to great effect across the New York City streets and subway stations and famously helped fund children’s literacy projects and AIDS awareness initiatives.

Legend has it that the street art pioneer always wanted to work for Disney, and somewhere along the way, he decided to take matters into his own hands with Mickey Mouse featuring as a recurring figure in his work. The latest Swatch drop marks the brand’s second release with Keith Haring. The first being in 1986 when the artist designed four watches before opening his infamous Pop Shop on Lafayette Street in downtown Ney York. The designs were then sold in his store in a limited edition and remain some of the most collectible Swatch watches today.

Swatch watches transform Keith Haring’s work and Mickey Mouse into wearable art. Haring’s depiction of Mickey is not always the typical Disney version. While the designs are recognizable as Mickey Mouse from afar, they all feature the unmistakable Haring twist upon closer inspection, such as the nose on the dial of MICKEY BLANC SUR NOIR.

Right now, brighter is infinitely better, and MOUSE MARINIERE makes a color confident statement with a solid and striped red strap, taking inspiration from Mickey’s iconic shorts. Haring’s illustration of Disney’s most famous character is etched on the glass watch case that sits atop a red and white striped dial for added depth and movement.

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